Raul Luna is a real estate investor and Founder of Properties 180, a real estate redevelopment company that aims to change communities and improve lives one client at a time. Their specialty is putting money in people’s pockets in under 180 hours. He’s a real estate investor in Modesto, California and has seen success in a market considered challenging to grow in due to the amount of funding needed to close one deal.

Today, Raul shares his story of how he got into real estate investing and his life before he decided to explore the world of property buying and selling. He discusses his firsthand experience during the crash of 2008 and how he evolved his business strategies to make himself resilient if another crash happens. He also shares tips for new investors when it comes to the psychological aspect of real estate investing.

“When your mind changes everything changes.” – Raul Luna

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • His life before he was in the real estate industry.
  • What is “Subject To” and how does it apply to real estate investing?
  • How did he recover from the 2008 crash?
  • How his business was structured before, during, and after the crash.
  • One big mistake new investors make.
  • His best marketing and lead generation method.

Raul’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Almost everything will work when you believe in it.
  • Sometimes it’s better to be ignorant on fire.
  • The less experienced you are, the more you are ready to try new things.
  • Learn to have the mindset first and it will trigger the rest.

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