RJ Bates is a real estate investor and wholesaler. He’s the CEO of Titanium Investments, a company based in Texas that buys, fixes, and sells properties to help local investors and improve communities along the way. He prides himself on being able to establish close relationships with both old and new clients through professionalism, integrity, and honesty.

On this week’s episode, RJ Bates joins us to discuss the many challenges growing investors face. They share their experience in expanding to new markets, the problems they encounter along the way and the solutions they came up with to solve them. They also describe the many ways hiring can help scale a business into new heights and explain why an employee can do a better job than the CEO.

“Build a big buyer’s list, but create those relationships while doing it.” – RJ Bates

This Week on FlipTalk’s REI Round Table:

  • The challenges in expanding into a new market.
  • The markets they struggled in and why.
  • How do you build a good buyer’s list?
  • How to increase your open-rate.
  • His previous business structure and what it’s like today.
  • Closing deals without losing money.
  • Different takes on closing rehab deals.
  • When you should hire people for your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Know the numbers enough for you to do a deal without losing money.
  • A lot of our successes involve trial and error and creating a new system for a new market.
  • If your employee is 80% as good as you, they’re 100% better.
  • Just because you’re a wholesaler doesn’t mean you don’t have to understand the market for rehabs.

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