On today’s episode, I’m joined by Cody Hofhine, founder of Investor Grit and Utah Sell Now, LLC. Cody has been in the real estate investment and wholesaling industry since 2015. During his first year in business, Cody has achieved over $500,000 in wholesale assignments and for this year, he is on track to do over $1-Million in assignments in the next year.

Cody is a world-class wholesaler who chooses to work strictly within his local market and community. Today, he shares some of the most successful marketing strategies he has used to achieve such amazing success, why he feels finding a mentor is so important to the success of any new investor’s business, as well as tips and strategies most new retail investors can use throughout their business to begin down the path of business success.

“Just stay focused. Keep it simple, set goals & make them very actionable.”

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • What sparked Cody’s interest in real estate and wholesale investing?
  • His “first deal” story and how he overcame the mindset challenges and obstacles associated with it.
  • How his coach helped him overcome mindset barriers?
  • What kind of wholesale deals does he currently focus on?
  • Why does he choose to strictly work within his local market?
  • What type of marketing strategies have been most successful in his business?
  • What to monitor in your direct sales marketing strategies?
  • Why Cody believes having a mentor you like and trust is instrumental to your business success.
  • What is E.R.T?
  • The difference between a collaborative mindset and a competitive mindset and why having a collaborative mindset can help you achieve your goals.

3 Ways New Investors Can Get Involved in Real Estate Investing:

  • Pick a mentor you like and trust.
  • Join the Real Estate Investors Associations in your area.
  • Collaborate with other investors.

Connect with Cody Hofhine:

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