The start of the new year always brings about a sense of excitement in people. This is the time when people start making plans, goals, and new year’s resolutions.  Have you already thought about your goals for the year? 

The road to success and achieving your goals in 2017 all begins in your mind. And in today’s podcast, we will be talking about how you can develop the right mind set to achieve your goals this year. We’ll be sharing our own goals for 2017 and give you tips on how to develop achievable goals that will help you and your business succeed. 

Don’t spend the rest of this year doing nothing to move your life forward. 

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk: 

  • Set a goal with an achievable plan. 
  • Write your goals on a piece of paper. Multiple studies have revealed that people who write their goals have a higher likelihood of achieving their goals than those who do not. 
  • Your goals act as milestones and give you something to work towards or to achieve. 
  • Don and Justin share their business and personal goals for the year. 
  • Develop the right attitude and mind set to accomplish your goals. 
  • Reflect on what you really want to do with your life and start doing it! 
  • You’re never going to make your dreams come true if you don’t take a chance and learn from it. 

Don and Justin’s Advice to Real Estate Investors: 

  • Focus your time on talking to sellers and putting deals in contract. 
  • If you want your business to grow, don’t be afraid to make an investment. 
  • Your business is not going to grow if you don’t get yourself out of the business.  Hire a good team to support you on operational tasks needed to keep your business running. 
  • Market forecasts predict that 2017 will be a great year for the real estate industry, so if you want to get into the real estate investing business – NOW is the time! 

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