Brad Chandler is a real estate investor, host of the Real Estate Investing Hot Seat podcast, and CEO of Express Homebuyers, a real estate company based in Springfield, Virginia with offices in Miami, Florida that has successfully flipped over 2,100 homes since 2003. Additionally, he is a real estate coach that is passionate about teaching others how to build and scale a profitable real estate business.

Brad joins me today to share his humble beginnings and what inspired him to become a real estate investor. He explains why he decided to transition his business from flipping homes to wholesaling, marketing strategies he uses to generate leads, and why being consistent in your marketing efforts is critical to growing your business. He also shares the challenges he has faced while building his real estate company, the importance of allowing your team to make mistakes, and why he believes the people in your organization are the most important asset to your real estate business.

“If you want your company to work for you, you have to create systems, put qualified people in place, and let them run the systems.” – Brad Chandler

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How he got started in real estate.
  • How his company survived the crash of 2008.
  • Why he shifted his company from renovating properties to wholesaling.
  • What his team looks like and their respective positions.
  • Why he developed a marketing department within his company.
  • The importance of becoming a marketing expert as a real estate investor.
  • The importance of hiring marketers with strong digital marketing skills.
  • Strategies for using pay-per-click marketing effectively in various markets.
  • Marketing strategies to promote your real estate business effectively while on a tight budget.
  • Using high-equity real estate lists to generate leads.
  • The challenges he faced while building his business and how he overcame them.

Brad Chandler’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Stick to what you’re really good at. Learn wholesaling and continue to get better.
  • Don’t spend a dime in marketing until you have a kickass follow-up system.
  • As you grow, people are your most important asset. Make sure you find the time to find really great people and take time to retain and develop them.


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