The best way to sustain your business is to become the top-of-mind company to potential leads. It means you have to be always relevant, and to be relevant is to actively pitch your business to sellers and buyers alike. This is where an efficient and well-calculated marketing strategy comes in.

Today, Don and Ryan share some of their business goals for the coming year and why they’re putting a lot of emphasis on efficient marketing strategies. They describe their personal preferences regarding sales processes and which method nets the most leads. They also explain some of the critical metrics you have to consider when planning your marketing strategy as well as how you can go about managing each one.

“Your marketing process converts leads from a call to a client to a sale.” – Ryan Scialabba

This Week on FlipTalk’s Rookie PlayBook:

  • How to use your network to leverage the right private money.
  • Why real estate for 2019 starts in November.
  • What you need to ask yourself as a business owner entering the new year.
  • Goal setting and knowing the right metrics for marketing.
  • How to make your company predictable in your marketing.
  • Is a one percent response rate good enough for your marketing?

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