Networking and building relationships is critical to build a successful business. By networking with others in the industry, you not only learn more about the various real estate markets you want to invest in – you also open the doors of opportunity to start your business on the right foot by learning from other people’s mistakes.

But, as a new investor, where do you turn to begin building those valuable connections and relationships?

On today’s episode, Don and Ryan discuss what you should have accomplished in your first two weeks in business as well as what you need to strive to achieve by the end of your third week. They discuss the minimum number of agents, wholesalers, rehabbers, and landlords you should have networked with already and explain how to meet them. They also describe the general process behind wholesale transactions and warn against some of the mistakes both new and veteran investors make when it comes to closing deals.

“Disclosure is your best friend as a wholesaler.” – Ryan Scialabba

This Week on FlipTalk’s Rookie Play Book:

  • What you need to focus on in the first month of your real estate business.
  • How to network with other professionals in the real estate industry.
  • Why you can learn so much by just driving a neighborhood.
  • What you can contribute as a rookie in this industry.
  • The best way to conduct a wholesale transaction.
  • One of the major mistakes you can make as an investor.
  • The full wholesaling process.

Key Takeaways:

  • There’s no mistake in creating relationships.
  • You have to know the neighborhood you’re going to invest in inside and out
  • If you don’t ask, you’re never going to get any answers.

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