Growing your business involves a lot of human resources and even more working hours. The initial growth will make you feel proud and excited at what you’ve accomplished. However, there will be times where you encounter a plateau and meet stagnation. What should you do to overcome and break past this state of your business?

Today, Don and Ryan discuss what is needed to continue growing in a market where every company wants to expand. They share the importance of learning multiple ways to make money from a deal without losing sight of the core of the business. They describe some of their recent challenges and how they solved them. They also explain the importance of always having the drive to learn – no matter how far you are in this industry. 

“There are a million ways to make a million bucks; you just need to pick one and stick with it.” – Ryan Scialabba

This Week on FlipTalk’s Rookie PlayBook:

  • Why being good on one facet of real estate is critical for long-term success.
  • What it means to build stability in the market.
  • Why monetizing every lead isn’t always ideal for business growth.
  • Some of the challenges they have recently faced and how they are overcoming them.
  • The importance of developing a mindset that keeps you motivated to learn.

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