Part of the role of an acquisitions manager is to have the patience and wisdom of a researcher and the charisma and confidence of a negotiator. Their tasks mainly revolve around fieldwork, settling, and elections to purchase short and long-term lease agreements that meet your business’ goals. Suffice to say, hiring the right acquisitions manager is critical to making sure each contract signed will translate to your company’s earnings.

Today, Don introduces his Acquisitions Manager, Ruben, to answer a few questions from our fans on Facebook. Ruben shares his professional background, how he began working as an acquisitions manager, and some of the projects he’s collaborated on so far. He explains how to prepare for an appointment with a new lead and shares key tools and equipment an acquisitions manager should always have access to. He also describes the importance of not just establishing a relationship with the client, but to also make sure you don’t let the momentum grow cold.

“You can’t control a lot of things, but what you can control is how you go into that appointment, how you react, and how you raise questions.” – Ruben

This Week on FlipTalk’s Rookie Play Book:

  • How to prepare for an appointment.
  • What is the After Repair Value and why is it important?
  • The tools and equipment to bring for an appointment.
  • The importance of establishing rapport and doing a follow-up as soon as possible.
  • What to do with the appointment if you don’t get the contract.
  • His advice for new acquisitions managers.

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