Bob Allwein is the owner of Maryland Cash House Buyers, LLC., a company that prides itself on providing win-win solutions to help sellers get out of uncomfortable situations such as foreclosures, probates, and owning problematic properties. Bob and his family are heavily involved in this business with his son as his buyer’s agent and his wife as his listing agent. He has been in this business since 2003 and has extensive experience in rehab as well as rental properties.

Today, Bob shares how he and his family run their business. He describes the difference between when he started his business and now and shares the various steps he took to make sure he has more time working on the business than being in the business. He also provides some valuable tips and strategies when it comes to landing deals, marketing on a shoestring budget, and finding private money lenders.

“Letting people know what the heck you do is opening doors to opportunities’” – Bob Allwein

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • The steps he took that enabled him to work on his business.
  • The downside of doing everything yourself.
  • How hiring a team changed his business.
  • Overcoming the fear of hiring other people.
  • Why building your reputation and networking is critical.
  • How to find private money lenders.

Bob’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • If you can’t afford PPC or other ways to market yourself, SEO is a cheap alternative.
  • There isn’t an exact science to real estate, but there are plenty of opportunities to learn.
  • If you can help someone, even if they don’t follow through, you can actually hone what you’ve already learned and keep your pencil sharp.

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