Krista Garren is a real estate investor working in multiple markets across the U.S. She engages in rehabs, wholesaling, foreclosure, and real estate consultations. She is also part of Sprout Financial, a company that helps customers get funding, even if credit is a problem, through Unsecured Lines of Credit at 0% interest and low-interest Term Loans. Krista was also part of the hit real estate show Flip It To Win It.

Krista joins me today to share how you can get funding for your business if the bank rejects your application for a loan. She discusses the lockdown situation of the country and what she sees in her market. She explains what Sprout Financial is and how they can help business owners get funded. She describes some of the ways banks get a hold of your transactions. Krista also shares why so many loan applicants are getting denied for fraud and why entrepreneurs should seek solid business credit for their organizations.

“This is the time to jump in, hit the gas, and get out there and get something done.” – Krista Garren

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How she got started in real estate and how the Crash of 2008 affected her.
  • What’s it like in the market she’s working in during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The company she works with and the solutions they provide.
  • Why there are many credit applications being denied for fraud.
  • What the ChexSystems report does and what data it shares with other banks.
  • Why people should be seeking solid business credit for their company.
  • How the pandemic has affected the services they provide.

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