Christopher Gibbins is a real estate investor in the Fort Worth, Texas area. He is the owner of DFW Property Guy, a company focused on buying distressed properties and working with sellers who can’t sell the traditional route. Among his peers, Chris is known as an optimist who strives to find solutions in otherwise bleak situations. Before he started his company, his career initially began as a hedge fund’s acquisitions agent and credits that role for everything he knows about how this industry works.

Today, Chris joins me to share his story on how he learned about the ways of the real estate industry through the eyes of a hedge fund agent. He describes his life before he got into real estate and the moment he realized he wanted to go full-time. He explains the importance of doing things on your own as opposed to watching “How-to” videos. He also shares his plans for 2019 as well as the steps he’ll take to achieve his goals.

“Focus on one thing. Don’t get yourself so inundated in all these things out there. Focus on one particular transaction style; focus on one marketing channel and just get out there and do something.” – Christopher Gibbins

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How Christopher got started in real estate investing and his current business focus.
  • What his first wholesale deal was like and how he closed it.
  • What he learned from hedge funds and how they influenced his career.
  • The strategies he utilizes to find the properties he needs in his business.
  • How he sells wholesale properties to hedge funds.
  • Building trust with wholesalers.
  • How he markets and builds relationships with wholesalers.
  • The people he’ll hire and the systems he wants to put into place in 2019.

Christopher’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • You don’t have to work directly in real estate to succeed in it.
  • As with any business, putting all your eggs in one basket is a weak real estate strategy.
  • Books and videos are good, but nothing beats doing the business yourself.

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