Twenty-one-year-old Jared Garfield spent two years doing religious services, just got married, and was a broke college student. His desperation for an income source prompted him to call and order – what seemed at the time – a shady real estate course being offered on VHS. He learned how to buy properties with no capital, and landed his first deal before starting his real estate brokerage firm. He bought and flipped houses in Georgia in 1999 and his business has been resilient ever since.

Today, Jared talks about his experience both as an investor and a mentor, his time with Robert Kiyosaki’s group, his thoughts on the past and future market crashes, and his strategy for acquisitions.

If you weren’t affected by the crash, it’s because you weren’t doing real estate.” – Jared Garfield

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • The first deal he made as an investor.
  • How he predicted the collapse back in 2006-’07 and how it affected his business.
  • His opinion on when the next crash is coming and why he links it to a possible war.
  • Scenarios of what happens after a crash.
  • His non-traditional business model and what makes it effective.
  • What made him choose his model over fix and flip?

Jared’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Don’t jump straight to the deal, find someone successful and learn from them
  • Our house is a doodad, it’s not an asset. If you have tons of equity when the market collapses, your equity dries up.

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