Chris Chico is considered the very first investor who perfected the art of virtual wholesaling. Virtual wholesaling is when you gather leads and close deals despite being far from the location of the property. His website serves as a gateway to educating beginners and veterans in the real estate investing industry on the art of virtual wholesaling. Chris is a strong advocate of maximizing social media as the number one source of leads over other traditional real estate marketing strategies.

Chris joins me today to discuss the wonders of social media and how it enabled him to become a virtual wholesaler. He shares what inspired him to become an investor and what it was like when he was new. He explains how investors should capitalize on social media presence, especially Facebook and Instagram. Chris also shares his thoughts on using traditional marketing strategies like direct mail to generate real estate leads.

“Everything works, but not everything works for everyone in every situation.” – Chris Chico

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • His experience in the real estate industry and what the industry was like when he started.
  • Why he joined real estate and how being Puerto Rican affected his decision.
  • How he improved his skills as a real estate investor.
  • Planning your marketing strategies through social media.
  • The essential skills new investors should develop for long term success.
  • The tricks and tips his company uses to generate leads from Facebook.
  • Why websites are the new calling cards.
  • Making the most out of Facebook over Google Ads.
  • His thoughts on direct mail as a lead generator.

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