Today’s episode of the Flip Talk podcast is a recorded Q & A session with Tiffany Walker. Tiffany is a wholesale real estate investor on the east coast of the United States who is interested in branching her business into the house flipping side of the industry. She asked many great questions during our conversation that I believe will be extremely helpful to anyone new to the real estate investment industry – so many, in fact, that we have decided to break this Q & A segment into two parts for the podcast.

In today’s episode, we discuss joint venturing, funding deals, Notice of Default lists, as well as marketing and advertising. She explains what has worked well for her in her business and we cover the challenging topic of legal language, contracts, and other legal agreements.

“Your job when someone opens the door or answers the phone isn’t to close the deal. Your initial job is to build rapport and find a reason to contact them again.” – Don Costa

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How Tiffany got started in the real estate investment industry.
  • The importance of answering every lead call, whether personally or by using a call center or answering service.
  • Notice of Default list and how to obtain a list in your area.
  • How well bandit signs have worked for Tiffany and ways they can help new investors.
  • The process of Subject 2 deals
  • How to handle homeowner concerns on Subject 2 deals.
  • Subject 2 contract agreements.
  • How Don approached homeowner’s door-to-door and why he believes following-up with prospects is critical to success.
  • How Don started in joint venturing with no out-of-pocket money.
  • How he found joint venture investors at the beginning of his career.
  • What to consider including in a Joint Venture Agreement

Mentioned in This Episode:

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