Steven Pesavento is more than a real estate investor. He is also a strategist, expert digital marketer, and a professional web developer. His specialties include house flipping, project management, marketing, growth hacking, and business development. As an investor, Steven enjoys buying homes for investors, rehabbing the properties, and selling them to new families.

Today, Steven joins me to share where his real estate business is today as well as how he operates his business from an entirely virtual perspective. He describes how he runs his virtual company, the team he assembled, and the tools he uses to make everything seamless. He also explains his marketing strategies and the lists he gets the most deals from and shares actionable tips for anyone thinking about joining the real estate industry. 

“Having the ability to find the property and to build your own pipeline is just as important as being able to do the renovation.” – Steven Pesavento

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Steven’s story and what his first two years was like as an investor.
  • How he solved his initial problems on marketing and lead generation.
  • What his business looked when he first started and how it looks today.
  • Why he is called a virtual investor and how he runs a virtual real estate business.
  • His team and their different responsibilities.
  • The lists that give his business the most success.

Steven’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Being 90% ‘in’ is not enough. You have to commit yourself 100% to become successful in real estate.
  • One of the worst things that can happen in real estate is if people start to have some uncertainty about what’s going on with the transaction.
  • You can get better results when you hire local people in operating a virtual business.

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