Ryan Scialabba and Aaron Archibald are the owners of Urban Capital, a company that focuses on a fix & flip type of business with over 30 rehabs a year. Ryan started out in 2013; Aaron was already in the game as early as 2006. Ryan was first into wholesaling until he took an interest in rehabilitation and eventually met Aaron. It just so happened Ryan was looking for someone to form a company with and handle the front-end of the business, while Aaron was eyeing out potential candidates to handle the construction and project management side.

Fast forward a few years later, Ryan handles marketing, acquisition, financing and sales while Aaron handles the actual construction of the site. They’ve stepped on each other’s toes early on, but they’ve since learned to stay in their lane and work together.

Today, Ryan and Aaron explain how their company works and what got them into real estate investing. They explain why they chose to prioritize fix & flips and the many tools they use that made it easier for them to handle their business.

“Be educated enough to make a decision and do not hesitate.” – Ryan Scialabba

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • The two business models within their business.
  • How MLS helped them build their business when they were starting out.
  • How they transitioned from a small scale business to a large scale business.
  • Why they only started paying themselves two years after starting.
  • The steps they took when they started taking on a lot of liability and risk.
  • How the DISC test helped them figure out their strengths and weaknesses.
  • The kind of marketing they do in their business.
  • Why tracking metrics became a turning point in their business.
  • How they finance their deals.
  • The power of deferring the interest.
  • Their trade secret for raising private money.
  • What are credibility packets?
  • Deals they wish they never did.

Ryan and Aaron’s Tips for Getting Started in Real Estate Investing:

  • It’s okay to pay a little bit more for money if there’s an experience attached to it, just like it’s okay to pay a little bit more for money if they leave you alone.
  • People do business with people, not your business.
  • Understanding your lender; their wants and needs are important when it comes to private money.

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