Mitch Stephen has been in the real estate game since 1996 with over 1500 deals under his belt. He specializes in strategies regarding owner financing where he buys houses with other people’s money. He’s the author of My Life & 1,000 Houses: Failing Forward To Financial Freedom where he tells his origin story, his struggles and failures, and how he eventually came out on top in the end. He also offers classes to help them get to the same level he’s at or better, having experienced going out on his own the first time and having his butt kicked.

Today, Mitch tells us all about his different strategies on raising private money and finding deals, the many technologies that helped him propel his business to new heights, and his genius tips for those who want to get started in real estate.

“I’m a guy that tried everything else and failed and the last thing left was real estate investing.” – Mitch Stephen

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Why he didn’t like being a landlord eventually settled into owner financing.
  • What’s his exit after the “five years interest only” deal?
  • Why do private lenders hate getting their money back.
  • The kind of marketing and strategy he uses to find deals.
  • How he financed his business in the beginning and how he does it now.
  • Why he challenges his students to get 50 “No’s” in a row.

Mitch’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Hire someone to teach you the ropes or you might fail and miss out on a great career.
  • Transparency is important when it comes to raising private money.

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