Ari Meisel is a productivity coach, entrepreneurial strategist, leadership coach, and the Founder of Less Doing, a company that helps successful entrepreneurs by enabling them to become replaceable with the intent of scaling their business. He describes himself as an “Overwhelmologist” – or someone who helps leaders untangle themselves from an unproductive mess. Ari’s coaching skills and business strategies are recognized all over the country and have been featured in ForbesMashable, and The New York Times.

In today’s special episode, my good friend, Mike Cowper, hijacks the Flip Talk airwaves to chat with Ari on how you can find your peak time and what it can do for your overall productivity. Ari explains how he managed to scale his business and develop systems that almost fully automated his business. He shares some of the techniques he’s applied that enabled him to become productive when he needs to. Ari also describes why deferring can help you organize your daily routine better than tackling each task as they come.

“Having some sense of control is the antidote to stress and being overwhelmed.”  – Ari Meisel 

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • What makes Ari different from other investors?
  • How real estate changed the way Ari looked at working hours.
  • The strategies Ari used that allowed him to automate his business.
  • Ari’s thoughts on many real estate entrepreneurs today.
  • How do you become a replaceable leader?
  • The number of steps it takes to pay a bill and how it relates to leadership.
  • What it means to “look for the everys” in your system.
  • How you can have some sense of control in your business routine.
  • Recognizing you and your team’s peak times.
  • Why deferring can be a good strategy for your work habits.
  • The “external brain” and the “defer and forget” technique.
  • What asynchronous communication tools are and how to use them the right way.

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