Marketing can often be one of the most challenging oceans for new real estate investors to navigate through. What forms of marketing will work best for your business? Which ones will generate the greatest lead quality at an affordable rate? Should you spend thousands on direct mail marketing, incorporate content marketing, or use internet marketing tactics to grow your business? These are often some of the most asked questions many new real estate investors ask themselves – and today, I’m going to talk with Danny Johnson, former software engineer turned house flipper, founder of REI Mobile and Lead Propeller, and podcast host of Flipping Junkie.

Danny explains why it is important to include internet marketing into your marketing tool bag, what your website should – and shouldn’t – include, as well as various ways you can use the power of the internet and good SEO tactics to grow your business. He shares his personal experience with incorporating internet marketing into his business, as well as the ROI his real estate investing firm has received compared to other marketing forms.

“What you want people to do on your website needs to stand out the most.” – Danny Johnson

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Why Danny is transitioning his real estate business to do more wholesale business, and less flipping.
  • What the quality of leads generated through internet marketing are like compared to other forms of marketing.
  • Why he feels inbound internet marketing is the best and most affordable way to generate leads.
  • Why your website needs to be mobile responsive and mobile friendly – and what each of these terms mean.
  • Why having a form on your website is crucial and what questions your form should ask?
  • Why the color scheme of your website is important.
  • What does the phrase “above the fold” mean and how you should use it on your website?
  • Why your real estate website form should ask for your visitor’s phone number.
  • How to build credibility through your website.
  • Why being accredited through the Better Business Bureau is important for your business.

Danny’s Advice to Real Estate Investors:

You shouldn’t remove yourself from the task of taking live calls – especially in the beginning of your real estate investment career. Live calls can help you stand out and limit the competition.

Connect with Danny Johnson:

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