Sterling Anderson is the Founder & CEO of Sterling Capital Investments, a real estate firm based in Omaha that focuses on investment and development. He began his career in 2011 in real estate wholesale before realizing how multi-family could expand his horizons. Now, he and his firm are considered experts in special areas of investment and development, property wholesaling, and even business consulting and website development.

Sterling joins me today to share his experiences as a wholesaler and multi-family specialist. He shares useful tips and strategies in working with clients, brokers, and other stakeholders, as well as what he considers his biggest mistake when he was starting out. He also provides insights into the pros and cons of having multiple investors for a single project, as well as some much-needed clarification on important concepts in multi-family property investment and development.

“Get yourself a good system. Learn it, and then apply it. Then get out there and make those things happen.” – Sterling Anderson

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Sterling’s initial career direction.
  • Why he transitioned from wholesaling to flipping houses.
  • How he took everything he learned and decided that multi-family properties are the way to go.
  • Where he currently is in his multi-family property journey.
  • Finding your client’s sweet spot.
  • Working with brokers.
  • The advantages and pitfalls of putting multiple investors on a single project.
  • The difference between an operating agreement and a subscription agreement.
  • The three ways you can make money with multi-family transactions.

Sterling Anderson’s Tips for Selling Multi-Family Properties

  1. Understand what your client wants and needs.
  2. Make sure your investors are liquid for three years.
  3. Make sure that everyone signing the deal is on the same page.
  4. Keep wholesaling while flipping to make sure that the cash keeps flowing.
  5. Establish a good system and learn it well.

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