Known as the “Texas lease options guy,” John Jackson is the go-to guy for learning how to do lease options in Texas. To his credit, he has done over 600 lease option in Texas since 2003. He attributes his career and success in the business was all because of his daughter.

Before embarking in the real estate business, John worked in the stock market, and he hated it. He only found the inspiration to quit when his then pregnant wife told him she was with child. He didn’t like the idea of paying someone to raise his daughter for him, so he quit, day traded at the comforts of his home, and raised his daughter. He eventually became interested in real estate initially as a means of alternative investing, but he has made an empire from it since.

Today, John discusses why lease options are a great niche for financial success, why he didn’t go with wholesaling, and why he insists on deleting URLs from real estate forums.

“Wholesaling is great, but you need to have some avenue to utilize your leads that you’re throwing away and that’s where lease options come in.” – John Jackson

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How he got into the business.
  • What makes lease options a great niche?
  • The success rate of clients who go to them for financing.
  • Why he chose lease options and why he pursued that direction.
  • The ups and downs of his career
  • The legal issues he looks out for when doing lease options in Texas.
  • Why he uses direct mail.
  • The difference between property code and occupational code.

John’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Study, but only study one or two niches.
  • People need to understand the difference between property code and occupational code.

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