Jim Huntzicker is considered one of the best real estate investors in business today. He didn’t exactly get on the right foot on day one, though. Like most people, Jim thought the real estate game was easy to play. He was aggressive despite having no formal training and admits his first few deals were probably his worst.

The Jim we have today is different. He now has over 450 transactions under his belt and has since become a mentor and model for new agents in the field today. In this episode, he discusses his best and worst deals, the difference between low-balling and buying at a discount, and how he used the MLS search portal to find the best potential deals in the United States.

“Half the time I buy those things, I’m not the highest cash offer.” – Jim Huntzicker

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Jim likes to make use of a script when engaging sellers. With this, he usually seals the deal in 3-4 days.
  • His best record was buying at a whopping 32% off.
  • The seller’s price and the agent’s price is different depending on the amount of time that passes.
  • Best deals in the MLS gets eaten up in hours.
  • MLS is too competitive but you just have to know how to navigate the system.
  • Jim’s number one tip in using the MLS is to focus on reactivated sales.
  • The last 3 days of the quarter are great times to put offers on RDO properties. The last two weeks of the year is also a great time. Almost every bank is looking to dump at that point.
  • The average agent makes 3 deals a year.
  • Just because the seller had it overpriced doesn’t mean your offer, if you know you didn’t low-ball, was low.

Jim’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • You want them to get excited about you, knowing you, let them talk whatever they want to talk about. Keep asking about the seller to build rapport.
  • People who lived on their house for a long time would prefer buyers who won’t demolish the house.
  • How much you pay your broker/agent depends on whatever you want based on how much work they do.

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