Trevor Mauch is the CEO of Carrot, an inbound online lead generation system that provides webpage and online marketing services to real estate investors and agents. He has started several successful businesses under his name, with most revolving around online business and real estate. Trevor is proud to have started his journey with a multi-family real estate property with just $600.00 to his name. He is currently growing Carrot as well as pushing for local entrepreneurship in rural areas.

Trevor joins me to share how he got started in real estate and how it led to founding Carrot. He describes how he trains his employees for the position they’re meant to fill. He explains how he found his purpose in business and the people who inspired him to walk the path to success. He explains how to overcome mindset challenges and remove emotional barriers when marketing your business. Trevor also discusses how Carrot works and how they provide clients the most cost-effective lead generation service.

“Math always trumps emotion with your marketing.” – Trevor Mauch

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • What Trevor’s business focus is and how he manages his company.
  • How he determines the work tendencies of his employees.
  • What he did to prevent boredom and develop momentum.
  • The people he looked up to and wanted to emulate.
  • Choosing between freedom of flexibility, finance, and impact.
  • Finding his purpose for his business and his family.
  • How to master your emotions when marketing your business.
  • Computing your average cost per lead.
  • How to make tracking phone numbers work for your website.

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