Mike Cowper owns the real estate company Return on Investments, a wholesale business in the Greater Detroit Area that focuses on acquiring off-market properties and re-selling them to interested buyers. He attributes his success as an investor to his five years of experience working in sales. Because of his confidence and sales training, Mike closed his first deal two months after just learning how to be an investor.

Mike joins me today to share the do’s and don’ts when it comes to appointments with clients. He describes the right questions to ask your clients and the importance of empathizing with them. He explains how silence can be your greatest tool and why the clothes you wear can influence the success of your meeting. Mike also discusses the overall goal of an appointment and the answers you should have by the end of it.

“If you’re doing sales the right way, you’re finding solutions.” – Mike Cowper

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • His thoughts on sales and why it’s not as negative as it sounds.
  • How sales helps you become a creative problem solver.
  • Forming a bond with clients from the first appointment.
  • Why almost every seller doesn’t accept your first offer.
  • Why getting used to uncomfortable situations is a prerequisite to appointments.
  • Using what the clients say to help close a deal.
  • The difference between solving problems and saving clients.
  • Why getting a “yes” or “no” is better than a maybe.
  • The right attitude to have and the right attire to wear for appointments.

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