Marketing isn’t cut and dry and it’s not a one size fits all – especially in the real estate business. When you’re new in real estate there’s so much to consider when you’re trying to grow your company. Promotion is an essential part of the real estate business because it is what draws your customers to you, but you need to know what type of advertising method works for you.

On today’s show, I brought in one of the people who works in my organization, Justin Cardenas. to give you the straight talk on various marketing strategies. Justin talks about direct mailing, bandit signs, and other types of advertising to get your company seen by your future client. He’ll also give you valuable insights and advice on how to get out of your marketing rut so you’re successful in promoting yourself and your business.

“If you want to make this business successful, you have to learn to be uncomfortable.” Justin Cardenas

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Justin shares his experience with bandit signs and how it changed his relationships with wholesalers and investors.
  • We discuss timing, response, and conversion rates when using direct mailing marketing.
  • Justin suggests that you need to talk to people in your market who are successful so you learn their methods so you increase your money-making potential.
  • Justin strongly believes that networking is important and we share our views on its benefits.
  • We talk about using the internet to generate leads.  
  • We tell you about the purpose of and the proper use of business cards.
  • Rapport is vital in this business and Justin gives you his ideas on its value.

Justin’s Advice to Real Estate Investors:

  • When using bandit signs, you must be consistent for marketing purposes.
  • Get yourself out there and do your drops consistently and test your market. Don’t be discouraged if your drops aren’t culminating in calls, find out why it’s not successful.

Mentioned on the show:

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