Ryan “Rotty” Garcilazo is CEO of The Rehab Depot, a platform that provides training services to aspiring rehabbers in the real estate industry. His company has flipped over $250-million in real estate property and assets and pride themselves as one of the most highly contracted rehab trainers and consultants. Ryan’s experience in general contracting makes him an ideal tutor to investors who have trouble with their contractors.

Ryan joins me today to discuss the current market situation and his outlook in Chicago. He shares how he answered a call to help nurses and doctors in his local hospital and explains why now is not a good time to be a rehabber and what logistics have to do with it. He describes the skills you can sharpen as a business owner during the quarantine. Ryan also discusses how the contracting industry will change after the lockdown.

“Knowing how to lead simply comes from experience in knowing what to do.” – Ryan ‘Rotty’ Garcilazo

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Ryan’s previous career in healthcare and the COVID-19 situation in Chicago.
  • What motivated him to go back and help his local hospital?
  • Why he advises against rehabbing in today’s market.
  • What you can do for your business in the face of material delays.
  • Ryan’s thoughts on continuing your business while in quarantine.
  • How contractor pricing will change after the pandemic is gone.

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