Kyle Stanley is the type of investor that primarily drives profits through Airbnb rentals. He owns Fearless Flipping, a platform where he connects with motivated people and helps them master, automate, and scale their own Airbnb business. He has over five years of experience working as an AirBnB investor and initially used it as a means of paying for a mortgage. When Kyle realized the potential of AirBnB, he scaled it from $1,000 per month to $15,000.

Kyle joins me today to share how he made a living as an investor through Airbnb. He describes what his life was like before discovering Airbnb, his first rental, and when he decided to scale it as a business. He explains some of the best and worst practices as a host and what you can do to always get five-star ratings. Kyle also discusses how to make Airbnb work for you – no matter where you are.

“Just like anything in real estate, location matters.” – Kyle Stanley

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Kyle’s real estate journey and where he is today.
  • What House Hacking is and how he built a career out of it.
  • The two ways to manage an Airbnb and which is better.
  • How to determine if a city is a hotspot for Airbnb.
  • His thoughts on the government making it hard for Airbnb to operate.
  • What new investors should do first before they try Airbnb.
  • The importance of having good reviews.

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