Let’s Talk Door Knocking with Brandon Elliott

Brandon Elliott is a real estate investor and the owner of Brandon Elliott Investments, a company that specializes in managing long-distance property rehabilitation projects. He is a financial awareness advocate, dedicated to helping startup companies and entrepreneurs build multiple streams of income.  Additionally, he is an active participant of the non-profit organization: Young Entrepreneur Society, which helps high school students explore new opportunities and options beyond earning their college degree.

Brandon joins me today to share his experience in the real estate industry and how he has made it work for him. He shares how he built his business by knocking on doors to generate leads and secure deals and the strategy he uses when finding new prospects. He also explains the importance of developing relationships, following up with leads, and being persistent to build rapport and close more property deals.

“When you actually start taking action and jumping into it, that’s where you’ll get your most experience and growth.” – Brandon Elliott

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How he got started in real estate.
  • How he started generating leads through the door knocking strategy.
  • Strategies to improve your door knocking techniques.
  • Common objections he receives from door knocking.
  • The technique he uses to get prospects to close property deals.
  • The importance of following up and building rapport with homeowners to close property deals.
  • How he finds property leads.
  • How he funds his deals.
  • His technique in managing long-distance rehabs.
  • How he protects private money.

Brandon Elliott’s Tips For Getting Into Real Estate Investing:

  • Educate yourself and find a mentor that can help cut your learning curve in half.
  • At the end of the day, everybody is very fearful at their door; they’re scared.
  • In door knocking, it’s important to know who has full responsibility for the property.


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