Many people who venture into real estate investing don’t really know what they’re getting into until they get their first deal. John Williams tells us about his first deal and how it was his make or break moment into this line of business.

John and his wife had come from a different industry prior to starting their own real estate investing business, JW Property Investment, LLC. He shares his story of how he spent several months learning more about the industry before finally getting their first deal in April 2016, which gave him a $17,000.00 ROI.

In this episode, we look at the world of flipping and real estate investing from a fresh pair of eyes. John takes us through his journey and shares the lessons he has learned from his rising real estate investment business.

“The best way to learn is to get into it and do it.”

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Buy right. John and his wife looked at a lot of properties before finally deciding on their first investment.
  • Learn from your mistakes. He talks about his mistakes starting out and provides advice from what he had learned from those experiences.
  • Always hire professionals. It’s more expensive – and frustrating – to hire amateurs. You need to have someone who has a professional attitude, skills, and experience to get the job done.
  • Be present. He shares the challenges that he faced juggling a full-time job and his business when he was starting out.
  • Networking is important. John stresses the importance of networking in business and as a tool for learning if you surround yourself with the right people who can support you and help you grow.

John’s Tips for New Real Estate Investors:

  1. Cash is king. You should always keep a healthy reserve of cash.
  2. Deal with professionals and keep your relationships professional.
  3. Make time for your investment.
  4. Get a good mentor.
  5. Manage your numbers.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

John’s Advice for New Investors:

  • Education is important. You need to invest time and effort into increasing your knowledge about your industry and your business.

Connect with John Williams:

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