If you’re just starting out in the real estate industry – or you’re thinking about venturing into the probates sector – then this is an episode you want to hear! With me today is Kris McCullough, co-founder of Kim Steel & Associates and former Marine that, while serving his country in Afghanistan, was also finding success in the house flipping business back home. After retiring out of the military, Kris dedicated his focus to growing his real estate business.

Through the help of several mentors, Kris developed an interesting, out-of-the-box way to approaching probate opportunities. On today’s episode, he shares his secret to probate success, how he utilizes social media to find and attract new clients across the country, and how he developed a system to continue to grow his home flipping business while serving our country overseas.

“Embrace the suck.” – Kris McCullough

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Kris explains how he utilizes digital and social marketing tactics to build his business.
  • He explains how he got started in the real estate business while serving in Afghanistan.
  • He shares some of the strange and most challenging obstacles he has faced while flipping houses.
  • He shares his thoughts on why investors should never rely heavily on a contractor’s suggestion, and what can happen when they do.
  • He explains how he works with investors and why it’s important to “always take care of the money.”
  • We discuss how he approaches probates and what he has learned over the years.
  • He explains how he gets appointments with real estate attorneys to discuss probate deals.
  • He explains how he utilizes “affiliate programs” to grow his business.
  • He shares how manages properties in other markets while ensuring his investments are secure.
  • He explains how online marketing and connecting with hard money lenders has impacted his business.

Kris’ Tips for Real Estate Entrepreneurs:

  1. Become an expert in whatever you are interested in.
  2. Build in processes and people that will take it to the next level. Then, move on to the next fascination.

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