Brian Trippe is a real estate investment strategist and consultant. He is also the President of Real Estate Investing Live (REI Live), a platform that provides real estate education for both new and veteran investors in the industry. REI Live also has its own podcast where they interview some of the top investors in the country. Brian’s experience includes owning more than 70 rental units and conducting over 500 real estate transactions since 2012.

Brian joins me today to share his passion for helping small investors become successful in the industry. He describes how he got into real estate and what his first few months were like. He explained the need for a proper coaching program and how REI Live fills that gap. He also discusses how his wife influenced the way he ran his business and explains the benefits of hosting a meetup group and attending networking events.

“Real estate is meant to be done live.” – Brian Trippe

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

●  Who Brian Trippe is and how he got started in real estate.

●  What his first deal was like and how he learned the ropes.

●  How Brian built a real estate coaching program and the lessons he learned along the way.

●  Why meetup groups are incredible when it comes to getting leads.

●  The difference between attending and hosting a meetup group.

●  Making sure your business can run without you.

●  How his marriage affected the way he managed his business.

●  Building your business around how you want your life to look.

●  The advantages of coming to a networking event and what you can bring.

Resources Mentioned:

● Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

Connect with Brian Trippe:

●  Real Estate Investing Live

●  Real Estate Investing Live Podcast

● REI Coaches Conference

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