Haim Mamane Palman is a real estate investor and coach. He specializes in virtual wholesaling, which is why he’s referred to as The Virtual Wholesaler Guy. As the Virtual Wholesaler Guy, he seeks to empower real estate professionals when it comes to building a virtual wholesaling business that gives them the life they desire. While he made a career in wholesaling, Haim has recently shifted into rehabbing, but the success he’s experiencing makes it look like he’s been rehabbing his whole life.

Haim joins me today to share what happened to him and his business since we last had him on our show. He describes why he changed gears when it comes to his real estate business and how his family factored into the decision. He discusses some of the challenges he faced during his transition and how he overcame them. Haim also shares what his plans are for 2020 and his advice to people who are just starting in the industry.

“Cashflow is king – not cash.” – Haim Mamane Palman

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Where Haim and I met and how we became friends.
  • Why Haim shifted his business model from high volume to low volume.
  • The cons of scaling a working business model.
  • How his mindset changed from wholesaling to rehabbing and the challenges he faced.
  • The difference between himself in 2018 verses 2019.
  • The two groups you need to build a good relationship with as a rehabber.
  • His advice to someone just getting started today.
  • What he plans to do with is his business in 2020.

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