Evan Carmichael is a leadership mentor, content creator, and author of the book Built To ServeBuilt To Serve was written to help individuals find their true selves and lead a purpose-driven life. Before his current designation, Evan was also heavily introverted, shy, and lacked confidence. Because of his personal struggles and experience, he wants to be the voice that can inspire and empower those who are going through the exact same phase.

Evan joins me today to discuss how you can find your purpose in life. He describes what he went through as a child, his personal struggles, and how he overcame them. He explains how serving others is built into our very core and why being of service is what leaders do naturally. Evan also shares advice for those who want to make their own YouTube channel and why YouTube is the perfect platform for content creators.

“If you get your self-worth from getting results, you’re only going to do things that you know you’re going to get a result at. Therefore, you play small for life.” – Evan Carmichael

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Who Evan is and how he helps entrepreneurs.
  • Evan’s mindset five years ago and how it has changed.
  • Why public perception is no longer an excuse to not chase your dreams.
  • Finding your self-worth and what your purpose is in the world.
  • Fighting the inner voices that make you doubt yourself.
  • What you can do to be proud of yourself when you look in the mirror.
  • Evan’s ‘Pillow Test’ and how it helps him be proud of himself.
  • Evan’s advice for those who want to start their own YouTube channel.
  • Why YouTube has the best data gathering tools for content creators.

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