Danny Carter is the founder of I Buy Indy Houses, a professional house buying company that operates in the Indianapolis area. Their goal is to buy troublesome properties from sellers quickly and with a guaranteed all-cash offer. Danny founded this company to achieve financial stability as well as to help provide a win-win solution for homeowners who find their properties as a source of distress. Before pursuing a career in real estate, he started a music business that seeks to nurture and develop talented artists.

Danny joins me today to describe what it’s like to start and run a real estate business without having a real estate background. He shares his passion for music, the state of the music industry, and why he decided to get into the business of buying and selling houses. He also discusses how his company operates, the people he’s hired, and some of the tools he uses in marketing and promoting his business.

“When bad things happen, you have to be in a mindset that allows you to understand this is all part of the process.” – Danny Carter

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Why Danny chose to turn to real estate for financial stability.
  • How he got started in real estate and what his first deal was like.
  • How he manages his music and real estate business at the same time.
  • The struggles he experienced when he was starting.
  • His business strategy and the systems he put in place.
  • Why he doesn’t have a Project Manager.
  • How he started building and expanding his business in Indiana.
  • The marketing strategies he uses to get leads and lenders.
  • His advice to his younger, beginner investor self

Danny’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • It’s not worth doing if there’s nothing to fight for. It’s what makes rewards so great.
  • You can do your due diligence to limit risks, but they still do happen.

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