Russ O’Donnell is a licensed RMLO and HUD Certified Underwriter. He is also the CEO and Founder of Call The Underwriter, a company that helps private lenders and investors remain Dodd-Frank compliant. They have helped over 200 note investors, accomplished more than $5 million in compliant new loans, and helped clients save more than 125 litigation hours. Russ has over 22 years of experience in mortgage lending and has helped thousands of investors through the advice he shares as a regular podcast guest.

In today’s episode, Mike Cowper talks with Russ about selling on creative terms. Russ shares his professional experience in the lending and compliance industry. He explains how Dodd-Frank is a lender’s best friend and how it can protect your assets. He describes regulations and laws that govern lending and borrowing. Russ also explains how lenders screen borrowers in terms of their ability to repay their loans.

 “It’s on us as lenders to make sure the borrower doesn’t get in too deep.” – Russ O’Donnell

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • What you need to do when selling on creative terms.
  • Russ’s experience in lending.
  • How often is Dodd-Frank invoked?
  • Defining origination and underwriting and some examples.
  • The laws to consider when lending and borrowing money.
  • How Dodd-Frank can protect lenders.
  • What it means to screen someone’s ability to repay.
  • Specific guidelines for balloon payments.
  • Professional advice for those planning to become a lender or borrower.

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