Jason Buzi is a wholesaler in California who has mastered the art of doing deals in high-end markets, earning up to six figures. He started in real estate in his mid-30’s as he spent his early years in the corporate world. It was a bad experience for him since he had multiple issues with the environment and his bosses, so he would move on to commission-type jobs until he asked a close friend for help in getting started with real estate.

By this time, he had no formal background in real estate nor had he attended any seminars, so he had to improvise his way – doing things real estate gurus would say not to do. Needless to say, he got good at it and is now exclusively focuses on off-market deals with around 20 huge deals a year.

Today, Jason tells us his story before he came into the business and how he transitioned into becoming more of an investor than a wholesaler, his different approach to the industry, and his advice to those who don’t have the resources that he does.

“I’m not built to work for other people.” – Jason Buzi

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • The kind of market he’s in and why many shy away from it.
  • His approach and why it’s different than what most gurus recommend.
  • Why buying below market is not the only way to profit.
  • Why he no longer mails to pre-foreclosures.
  • The Guru Formula many agents follow and why it won’t guarantee profits.
  • His strategy for someone who doesn’t have resources.
  • His thoughts on outsourcing deals.

Jason’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • You should think of yourself as an investor, not a wholesaler.
  • The money is there; it doesn’t have to be your money in this business.

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