Life doesn’t always happen according to plan, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t end up living the life that we want and deserve. We need to learn to adjust to the circumstances we are given and never give up in our pursuit of excellence and our passion.

Dean Rogers has always loved sports and he has always been good at it. Growing up, he aspired to become a professional athlete, so he lived his life devoted to the pursuit of that dream. He finally achieved that dream and was signed to play in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers, but a little after a year of playing, he had a change of heart and decided to let go of this dream.

This didn’t throw Dean off course, though. He pursued a professional career in a software company until one day he realized that this was not the type of life he wanted for himself or his family. He wanted to live a life without limits, one which he could control. This was what led him into the world of real estate investing.

Dean is now a part-owner of the Home Helpers Group, a company that fixes and flips houses in Central California. He shares his inspiring story in today’s show, along with some very interesting tips on how to land deals and survive auctions.

 “Never stop learning, because there will always be new ways to do things and new things to learn.”

On today’s episode of Flip Talk:

  • Dean explains the importance of always learning and growing. He shares how he started his journey into real estate investing on independent study and research.
  • He shares how he landed his first deal after 3 months of self-study and how he reached out to his mentor, Sean Terry, for advice which helped him close the deal.
  • He explains the structure of his company, his role in finding acquisitions, and the importance of having someone on your team focusing specifically on acquisitions.
  • Dean shares the different areas that he uses to acquire new deals such as the MLS, wholesalers, auctions, bandit signs and other marketing efforts.
  • He discusses the importance of relationships in finding new deals.
  • He explains how he raises capital to get to the auctions.

Dean’s Tips for Going to the Auctions

  1. Know what’s going to be auctioned and when it will be auctioned.
  2. Check the properties to conduct an initial valuation.
  3. Verify that the property is going to auction.
  4. Check if there are no liens on the property.
  5. Show up everyday

Dean’s Advice for Those Who are Just Starting

  • Focus on finding your first deal and go all in.
  • Don’t be afraid to start a conversation and ask questions – even if it’s not to close a deal. Every conversation is an opportunity to start a relationship that could be good for your business.

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