Peter Fortunato got started into real estate as an agent right after high school in 1965. He was motivated by the desire to be self-employed until he was able to afford to be unemployed. Through experience, the right mentors, as well as the help of books and seminars, he was able to build his business and his future. He finished college with a steady clientele and decent investment portfolio, and by 1975 his investments matured enough to remove the need to ask for fees from clients to fund his preferred lifestyle.

Today, Peter shares his vast experience when it comes to real estate investing. He shares the first few investments he made and how his family influenced him to chase unemployment. He also provides old tricks in the trade that still work today.

“The single greatest asset a starter has is their willingness and ability to manage rental property.’” – Peter Fortunato

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How he got started in real estate investments.
  • Who influenced him to be in real estate?
  • His thoughts on buying and selling personal investments.
  • Changes he’s seen over the decades and how they affected the way he conducts his business.
  • His trading strategies and why he likes to meet the people behind the deals.
  • Personal experiences with his creative trading practices.
  • His marketing strategy to get the word out.

Peter’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • It’s hard to be an investor when you have no assets of any kind. You have to work for the capital before you start investing it.
  • Money isn’t the only tool you can use to acquire new properties.
  • Making financial friends out of clients can produce lucrative leads.

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