Gavin Timms is a virtual real estate investor who handles more than 10 deals a month in multiple markets across the United States. He credits networking for his first experience in the industry and utilizes virtual assistants from the Philippines to help generate leads. Like most real estate newcomers, Gavin encountered challenges when he was starting out, but his creativity and innate marketing skills allowed him to move past those hurdles and has since expanded his virtual real estate business.

In today’s episode, Gavin shares how he got started in real estate and how networking helped him along the way. He describes how he makes use of VAs, how he trains them, and his criteria for hiring a stellar VA team. He explains why he prefers cold-calling over other marketing strategies and shares some of the tools he uses to generate leads. Gavin also discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way sellers communicate with his company.

“List sources are important, but they’re not as important as the process you’re putting it through.” – Gavin Timms

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How Gavin became interested in real estate?
  • How Gavin conducted his first real estate transaction.
  • The challenges Gavin faced early in his career and the solutions he used to overcome them.
  • What his business currently looks like.
  • How Gavin outsources his cold-calling marketing strategy.
  • The training techniques Gavin provides to his VA’s.
  • How his VA hiring process works.
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic affected their conversations with sellers.
  • Why you should focus on the buyer’s list first when you start wholesaling.

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