Scott Bower is the owner of HBSB Holdings, a full-service real estate company located in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in buying distressed properties including multi-family, commercial, and retail. He is also the host of #INVESTTHIS, a podcast about real estate investors at the top of their game. Scott has closed $2.2 million in his first year as an investor and had since flipped over 150 residential transactions and built a portfolio worth $20 million in closed volume.

Today, Scott joins me today to share his experience as a business owner and share his wisdom on building a successful company. He describes his first year in real estate, his first marketing strategy, and how his first deal went. He shares the story of when his partner sued him and the lessons he’s learned from that experience. Scott also discusses how he creates postcards, how he attracts new leads, and why you want to take things slow when it comes to growth. 

“You are the product of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Scott Bower

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • What got Scott into the business of real estate investing?
  • How much he made the first year he started investing.
  • His first method for finding deals and what he does today for marketing.
  • Breaking down the first deal he made.
  • The time his partner tried to sue him for going solo.
  • His advice on finding partners and mentors.
  • What it means to grow your business too fast.
  • How he designs his postcards and the types he uses.
  • Why he thinks the high equity list is the best source for deals.

Scott Bower Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • Don’t hesitate to pay for quality coaching. There’s an abundance of money out there. The important part is to learn how to do it again.
  • It is very valuable to surround yourself with people more experienced than you.
  • You can grow too fast and lose out on the efficiency of everything.

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