Have you taken a real estate course? Did you pay out thousands of dollars for a few days’ worth of information?  Many people spent a phenomenal amount of money for the course only to find they were no better off after it ended than before they started it.  On today’s show,  I have Jordan Stanley Payne, and he is here to talk about how you can move forward as an investor and to give you a different perspective on guru courses.

Jordan is the ‘anti-guru’ guru, and he is the person people reach out to who still have questions about the industry after having spent sometimes $50,000 on a weekend seminar. He is against breaking the bank to break into real estate investing, and he started his platforms to combat the scam artists, so that newcomers are encouraged, motivated, and guided on their way to prosperity.  He is a shrewd and knowledgeable businessman, so you’ll receive valuable takeaways, and concrete advice to help you on your road to financial success. 

“The most creative person wins and if you can learn to think creatively on a deal whether it’s buy and hold, wholesale, or a fix and flip, you are going to be successful if you can learn to do that.” – Jordan Stanley Payne

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • We talk about mentoring, and Jordan tells us how he found his mentor and what the experience did for him.
  • He tells you how he feels networking has benefited his company.
  • Jordan shares his one deal that didn’t work out and what did he learn from it.
  • How did he finance his first buy and hold?
  • We talk about using private money and how Jordan structures it.
  • Jordan reveals how he get his deals. 
  • We talk about evolving in this business.

Jordan’s Advice to Real Estate Investors:

  • Surround yourself with people who are ten times better than you and ten times more experienced than you, and if you do this consistently you are going to learn a lot.
  • Jordan’s advice for newcomers to the game – You don’t need a ton of money, or a have a real estate license to get started in this industry.

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