We share tips with Marco on today’s show that you can also use to help grow your business, increase your return on investment, and market your services throughout your region with proven success.

Welcome back to the Flip Talk Podcast! On today’s episode, I’m introducing you to two individuals that I work with in the real estate investment industry, Justin Cardenas and Marco Espindola. Justin has been working with me for about three years and has seen significant growth and success in the market. Marco is brand new to the industry, and we are helping him learn how to market himself, grow his business, and spot deals in the market that will get his new real estate investment business off to a successful start.

“You gotta dig the dirt to get to the gold.” Don Costa

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • Why Marco decided to dive into real estate investing?
  • How Don got started in 2003.
  • How Justin got his start in the industry.
  • How technology and marketing strategies have changed since 2003 and what you can do to take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Why putting yourself ‘out there’ is critical to your success.
  • How networking can help boost your business.
  • How can social media impact your real estate investment business?
  • Why knowing what a deal is in every market is the key to success.
  • Why new house flippers should team up with a real estate investor.
  • How to work with family and friends.
  • Does direct mail marketing really work in the 21st Century?

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