John Martinez is a real estate investor, speaker, and self-proclaimed 7-Figure coach. Due to his vast experience in the industry, he is also known as one of the country’s best sales trainers and consultants to real estate investors. John owns the Midwest Revenue Group, a company that provides sales training and coaching to different businesses and independent professionals. As a coach, John aims to improve his clients’ closing ratio while increasing profits and sales.

John joins me today to share his experience when it comes to vetting and closing deals and the sales technique he applies to each one. He explains how his sales methods work and why they’re different compared to what most learn from other programs. He discusses his thoughts on cherry-picking deals and the many opportunities lost in doing so. John also shares his advice to those who want to improve their sales techniques.

“A lot of deals that could have been closed are either delayed or lost due to competition.” – John Martinez

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • What John’s real estate journey has been like in the last three years.
  • What the real estate industry needed that he felt he could offer.
  • The sales approach he uses and what sets it apart from other programs.
  • How his inside-out methodology works – and why.
  • Comparing sales and acquisitions to what happens on the first date.
  • His thoughts on pre-judging leads and other common mistakes in sales.
  • Knowing the reason why you would do a deal with someone.
  • His advice to those who want to pursue a career in sales.

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