Sam Craven is the Co-Founder of Senna House Buyers, a real estate investment company that seeks to improve the negative reputation of the house buying industry. Sam was driven to start a company that promotes professionalism as well as quality customer service – two traits he finds lacking in the industry. He has been featured in popular podcasts, radio shows, news articles, and even infomercials geared towards those in the business of real estate.

On today’s episode, Sam joins us to share his thoughts and wisdom on how to grow and manage a multimillion-dollar real estate company. He describes his humble beginnings, why he decided to venture into real estate with his father, and why they prefer wholesale to rehab. He also explains his hiring practices and how he honed it since he first started hiring.

“When the market shifts, your value-add shifts. You’ve got to listen to the market.” – Sam Craven

This Week on FlipTalk’s REI Round Table:

  • How Sam got into the real estate business.
  • How his business operates today.
  • How much he spends on marketing monthly and annually.
  • The businesses they prefer to buy.
  • His game plan on value-adding in case the market shifts.
  • The importance of focusing on what you’re good at in business.
  • What his first hire was like.
  • What was his process in hiring then and what it is now?
  • His team and their function.
  • The cities they’re looking to invest in.
  • His advice for scaling a business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Real estate is a relationship game, so always do your business with integrity.
  • Right now wholesaling is hot because markets are hot.
  • Working with like-minded people can push the mission forward fast.

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