Challenges can make or break you. You can choose to be crippled by your circumstances in life or learn from them and rise better than before. In today’s episode, Daniel Skelton shares his  journey from being homeless when he was 15 to becoming the successful real estate entrepreneur that he is today.

Daniel started his first real estate deal when he was 15 years old. After selling his car for a good amount, he bought a house which he flipped and sold for around $22,000.00. He has always known that he was wired for business and this first sale boosted his self-confidence to pursue real estate investing. Daniel works hard every day to do well, bring value to the marketplace and just grow as a professional and as an individual.

Today, Daniel provides us very useful tips on leveraging the use of Facebook to network, negotiating deals with investors to earn private capital and how to nurture relationships with contractors. We hope that his story inspires you just as much it had inspired us.

“You’re making your own journey, you’re making your own story. Be you. You’re the best at being yourself. That’s the best place to start.”

On today’s episode of FlipTalk:

  • Find a good mentor. It took 2 years after his first sale for Daniel to finally start his own business. He was able to accomplish this by finding a good mentor who was able to guide him through his journey.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of networking. When he started his business in Alabama, he did not have much information about the market. He connected with real estate agents through Facebook and consistently attended events where he could meet people who could help him, and who he could help, with his business.
  • Check your Investors. He advises starting entrepreneurs to ask potential investors what exactly they are looking for. By doing this, you will have a set of criteria that will tell you if the deal is doable and at the same time, gauge if the investor is credible with their knowledge in real estate investing.
  • Be Creative. You need to provide your investors (and clients) with options based on their needs and expectations. Being creative also means being able to come up with solutions for unexpected situations.
  • Nurture Relationships with Contractors. Since he owns he has his own contracting business, Daniel shares the benefits of showing appreciation and dealing in faith with contractors to deliver results.
  • The Power of Social Media. Daniel uses Social Media as his main platform for all traffic for his business. He grew a $500,000.00 business in under 2 years primarily through Social Media.
  • Find out the real “Why”. He talks to his investors and clients to find out what their true motivations are for doing business to help them come up with a solution that is beneficial for all parties.

Daniel’s Tips for Real Estate Entrepreneurs:

  1. Educate Yourself. Daniel always knew that he wanted to be in business, but he didn’t have the skills to pursue it when he was younger. He worked hard to educate himself and develop the skills needed to be successful in the real estate investing industry.
  2. Develop the right mindset. Quit blaming everything else and other people. Figure out where you went wrong and get yourself to a mindset wherein failure doesn’t matter.
  3. Stay persistent and don’t give up. Nothing happens overnight, so you need to keep yourself motivated through your journey to success. No matter how hard something gets, just keep pushing.

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