Jack Bosch is a real estate investor who primarily focuses on land transactions. He has been in the industry for over 17 years and is currently teaching new investors on how to become successful without the complications and competition of flipping houses. To give back to the community, he offers free online training through his website, Land Profit Fun. He is also the host of the Forever Cash podcast, where he talks about producing cash flow and keeping it flowing.

Jack joins me to share why he decided to pursue land flipping and its advantages over house flipping. He discusses what happened with his first deal and how he messed it up. He explains why land flipping is simpler and easier to do virtually than traditional real estate. Jack also discusses how he computes for the land valuations of different states and the techniques he uses to manage and close those deals.

“Flipping land is the simplification of real estate.” – Jack Bosch  

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How Jack got started in real estate and his experience with recessions.
  • The different real estate methods Jack tried before he focused on one strategy.
  • Their first attempt at flipping houses and why it went wrong.
  • Why Jack focused on land flipping and how it compares with traditional real estate.
  • How flipping land is easier to do virtually than flipping houses.
  • Different techniques Jack uses to manage and close deals.
  • Computing the valuation of properties in different markets.
  • Jack’s secrets to selling pieces of land with no property.

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