Dave Dey is a real estate investor in the Florida area. Before starting his real estate investing career, he and his family were living in a motel with no real guarantee of where the next meal would come from.  After seeing an early-morning infomercial on T.V., he decided to take a leap of faith and begin his real estate journey. Since then, he has built a highly-successful real estate business and is widely known for helping other new investors get their footing in this ever-growing industry.

Today, Dave shares how he got into real estate and the situation he was in before becoming the successful investor he is today. He discusses the struggles of starting out, the mentors who helped him get through it all, and how he was able to will himself to success. He also shares his secret tricks for generating leads, getting private money, and finding deals in public records.

“The property is not the security; it’s the collateral. The security is you.” – Dave Dey

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How he got started in real estate.
  • The importance of building relationships and finding a mentor early in your investing career.
  • How he found his private money lender as a new investor.
  • Tips for securing private money lenders.
  • Strategies for finding private money lenders.
  • Strategies for finding deals as a real estate investor.
  • Why he switched from agent to investor.
  • How his business strategy has evolved over the years.
  • How he generates leads by utilizing public records.

Dave Dey’s Tips for Getting into Real Estate Investing:

  • When it comes to private lenders, don’t go after the money; go for the relationship
  • We have more at our fingertips that sometimes we take for granted, but it’s right there.
  • Don’t be afraid to do a deal. Don’t be afraid to make an offer and put a contract out.
  • Not one deal can make or break you; it’s the accumulation.
  • Get involved with your local meetups and try to find a mentor that you can work under.


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