Marketing, advertising, growing your buyer’s list, and determining just how much time and resources you should invest in a property rehabilitation project – these are all things that many of us think about on a weekly – even daily – basis. Have you ever wondered if you are investing too much time and resources into a flip? Perhaps you don’t need to take the house all the way down to the studs to get a beautiful remodeling project complete.

My guest today is RJ Bates’ partner, Cassi DeHaas. Cassi handles most of RJ’s design and marketing at their real estate firm. Cassi has always had a passion for remodeling, building, and design. Today, she joins me to share her insight and knowledge on ways you can use Facebook Ads to generate more high-quality leads for your business. She explains which Facebook advertising campaigns work best for her as well as describes what a “blueprint property” is and how you should follow it to make the most out of a rehab project without going over budget.

“There’s more creative options out there than people realize.” – Cassi DeHaas

On today’s episode of Flip Talk:

  • Cassi shares what it was like for her when she first started in the real estate investing industry and the types of marketing she used to promote her business.
  • She explains how Google ads work.
  • How your target audience differs for online ads vs. mailers.
  • The importance of knowing your numbers and your options.
  • Establishing a relationship with new contractors.
  • What is a “blueprint property” and why it is important to refer to it while designing a rehab?
  • How to build a buyer’s list.

How to Make Facebook Ads Work for You:

  1. Start with a market you know very well.
  2. Set your budget.
  3. Make sure you have a social media presence and legit content.

Cassi DeHaas’ Words of Wisdom:

  • Always stay plugged in.
  • Keep learning and educating yourself.

Connect with Cassi DeHaas:

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