Dustin Seyersdahl is the Acquisitions Partner for Cash 4 Ohio Houses. The company has a dedicated real estate business across the entire state of Ohio, promising a closed deal in as little as seven days. With just over a year of experience in the industry, Dustin has resolved to become better at real estate investing by taking seminars, reading books, and listening to our podcast.

Dustin joins me today to expand his knowledge of how real estate investing works and how to be successful in it. He shares how he got started in real estate investing, the mistakes he’s made along the way, and the lessons he’s learned from them. We discuss how to scale a real estate business without going too big, too fast, and what you need to have in place by then. I also share my thoughts on virtual wholesaling, what new wholesale investors should focus on as they grow, and my advice for preparing for a market crash. 

“Hiring the person first is most important. What is teachable is coachable.” – Don Costa

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How Dustin got started in the real estate industry and who inspired him.
  • The growth he experienced in his business and why he took a step back.
  • What his business is like today and their main source of business.
  • The importance of systems and processes to scaling a business.
  • How their company gets leads and networking through social media.
  • What a wholesaler can focus on beyond wholesaling.
  • Advice to prepare for a possible market crash.
  • My thoughts on virtual markets and how a beginner should proceed.
  • The pros and cons of being a diversified real estate investor.

Connect with Dustin Seyersdahl:

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